Trump Toronto Hotel

By January 23, 2013Blog, Travel
Trump Hotel

Trump Hotel Toronto combines luxurious hotel rooms and condominiums in a pretty primo location. Located at Bay and Adelaide, the building is typical Trump, art deco, gilded gold upon gold, and a more is more philosophy. Unique to Toronto is the dedication to a residential feel, each room has its own doorbell, hallways feature jutted out walls to enclose the doorways, giving you more privacy. Featuring a 12,000 sq. ft. spa, Suits lounge for Bay street bullies and a sumptuous 31stfloor resto lounge Stock, Trump has put careful thought into location, amenities and service. Guests are treated in fine flair, doors open magically, bell hops are intuitive, and concierges are on hand to provide guests with everything the Donald himself would expect, except the falling glass that plagued them just before opening in March.

Even though the name on the building screams Trump, Trump is actually a minority shareholder in the project with majority shares going to Talon International Development Inc. which is in turn owned by a couple Canucks.

The lobby is glittering expanse of glass upon sparkly granite. With sparse furnishing and nothing soft on the feet the sound is amplified like a Las Vegas casino, and just as brash. A large crystalized artwork flanks the front desk where they are happy to explain every polished item in great detail.












Rooms are meticulous, elegant and well appointed. But our room felt as warm and sterile as a hospital room (other than the heated floors in the bathroom of course). Trump is playing it safe with a ‘Champagne and Caviar’ colour palette that was echoed throughout the tower and the hotel rooms. It’s a safe choice to assume that people will be drawn to the shiniest object, just adding some lux textiles would have helped distinguish them from the 2001 Space Odyssey vibe they are leaning towards. Our suite was well appointed enough; as it should be for the price, $395 to start. The bathrooms are a marble showroom, anchored by a deep soaker (non-Jacuzzi) tub and separate rain soaker shower with an in mirror TV to entertain you while you brush your teeth. Rooms feature all the technology you would never require, but greatly admire; bedside controls for the curtains curtail the elbow poking  ‘you go close the blinds’ fight and HD-TV’s, iPod docking stations, Wi-Fi and Nespresso coffees keep you buzzing during daylight hours. Suites offer a separate sitting room with a fireplace; pull out couch and powder room.









For those looking for more permanent accommodations, rest easy, there are still a few plum condos available, starting at $1.2 million, which includes a private elevator, so you don’t have to share the ride with a bunch of tourists.

With bragging rights on the ‘fastest residential elevator’ and ‘highest residential building’ you get a sense they’re fighting off some insecurities. In such a burgeoning market, with Thompson hotel, Shangri-La and most new mixed use hotels looking to gain investors thru securing tenants, Trump needs to turn on the glamour and charm the pants off not only Toronto, but its tourists as well, and it seems it’s off to a pretty good start.