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Sunday night saw the epic finale to Nike’s #findyourfast campaign, piggy backing on the World Track and Field Championships in Beijing on the same day. The mood was beyond jubilant, one of the best things about getting a bunch of like minded runners together is the sincere cheerleading that was a chorus throughout the evening, making Birchmount Stadium seemingly as loud as SkyDome (fine, Rogers Centre).

Speed Run Re-Run

Speed Run Re-Run

Organized into waves, the pacers did a superb job of warming us up, and the coaches were definitely in charge of amping us up. We’ve been working on this common goal for months, and the energy was beyond enthusiastic! We were all there to crush our best mile times, mine was 7’28” in July and after weeks of steady training and a little plotting and planning I knew I was ready to bust a move and shave some serious seconds off that time, which I’m happy to report I did, with a swifter pace of 7’11”. Now, of course, it’s time to shake it up and get an under 7′. That’s the thing about goals- you set that goal, train and work towards it, and when you finally meet it, it’s time to make a new one.

Speed training has it’s merits way beyond the track (although truth be told, track runs are my jam, so fast, so fun). I have noticed that my overall pace is improved and that’s a huge bonus- get your mile time faster, and your overall times for whatever distance you’re covering will improve. On the road to Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon, this is an important detail! I’m still chasing a PB for that one, so every run counts.
Photos courtesy of the awesome Tobias Wang and Jess Baumung
A huge thank you to team Nike to for taking me to the track and helping me find my fastest mile ever! You can sign up for all of Nike’s training classes and running events here.


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