The Way to my Heart

By February 8, 2017Blog, Food, Top Shelf

Valentine’s Day is not my favourite holiday. It is, however, a very valid excuse to give me things. Hey, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially if the gift is gourmet. Long the path to my heart, my stomach is a fine place to start when wooing. A nice meal and a bottle of wine are welcome (and face it, somewhat expected) but why not sweeten the pot with gifts that are a little more personal? I was introduced to Selection Vintage 2014 Limited Edition Grand Cru from Nespresso and much like a fine wine discovered coffee can carry similar elements. Flavour profiles are expanded when aged. Using Riedel glasses to capture all the notes enhances the aromas. I love coffee, you love me, you see how this works well for everyone.

CXBO x Gillian

CXBO x Gillian

And for him? My guy digs beer, and chocolates, so why not give him both in one shot? Summerhill LCBO is home Goose Island‘s latest batch, a sour brew dubbed Gillian. This limited edition beer is sure to sell out swiftly! A CXBO gift box created by chocolatier extraordinaire Brandon Olsen and remixed with artist Sarah Keenlyside honed in on Gillian is part of the gooey core.

How ever you celebrate, spread the love!


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