The Final Countdown

By July 3, 2015Blog, Fitness

While I’m beyond stoked that the Destination Races Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon is now finally here- it seems like eons ago that I signed up- but it still somehow sneaks up on you. This year, I’m a little older, a little wiser, and thanks to dedicated training and eating (mostly) right, I am at my fastest! I try not to get obsessed with numbers (weight, age and otherwise) but when it comes to running, it’s usually the first question anyone asks about a race- what was your time?
And while setting goals and training for them is the most practical way to go about things, last minute hiccups (or in my case food poisoning for the Nike Women’s 15K) can steal your thunder no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

So with the big race a mere 16 days away, I’m back to calculating, measuring and anticipating my personal best for this half marathon. I am keen on dipping below the 2 hour mark for this, my 2nd half marathon so far. I’m elated to celebrate my fastest kilometer, mile, 5K and 10K this year, and I know it’s not over yet. The finish line will be a sweet one, no matter if I make it my time or not. I have my eyes on the prize, and am as ready as I’ll ever be.

With speed being the epicentre of everything to me right now, I was really excited to hear of Nike’s latest campaign, Find Your Fast. As both a runner and a fan of their ridiculously awesome NTC app, Nike has introduced a series of workouts that were created by their league of Master Trainers to help you achieve your personal goals, over a 12 week period. If you’re hitting up the running training program, this one packs a punch and delivers speedy results in a svelte 8 weeks.

The first month is dedicated to strength and endurance. Month two will improve your flexibility. And month three will bring those two elements together and focus on speed. You can customize your own workouts or use the training program in the app to follow along with the trainers. New workouts will be rolled out every 2 weeks making sure you don’t plateau or mentally check out of these workouts.

With cottages, camping and summer schedules clogging up your fitness routine, there’s no excuse now- greatness can be achieved anywhere!


So, what are you waiting for?

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