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Margot vs Lily

Nike TrainingThe struggle is real. Or at least it feels that way. We all find ourselves struggling, one way or another with fitness goals. Maybe you’re nursing an injury, maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you’ve set a goal that is outlandish and borderline unrealistic (for that, I applaud you!). We’ve all been there, and when digging deep isn’t enough, it’s time to rally the troops.

I’m (#)blessed enough to roll with these insanely fit and fun girls, making workouts a social and lively interaction. I look forward to seeing my sweat sisters weekly, and cheering them on thru social media when our schedules don’t always align.

Margot vs Lily Launch

Margot vs Lily Launch- Photo by Marlee Maclean

Our champion and cheerleader is the svelte and stunning Eva Redpath. And we’re lucky to have her every week-her instruction and motivation are second to none. But what elevates us the most is, well, us. The dynamics of group workouts go beyond just breathing in each other’s sweat. Even by just sharing the same space, whether you interact or not, there are proven benefits to working out.

Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath

But if signing up for a free NTC isn’t always doable then maybe you need to build your own sweat squad. Here’s how.

  • 1-Buddy System
    Don’t necessarily assume you want someone that’s of the same fitness level that you are. Your friend, your neighbour or BFF are all solid choices. As Eva explains “You gain so much through teaching, you learn so much yourself”. Your fitness pal may not be able to hold a plank as long as you can, but in the grand scheme of things that really doesn’t matter (at all!). Everyone has their strengths, so while you may be hanging tough in a 4 minute plank, your buddy may be able to touch their toes- no knee bending required. You both will make progress in your own individual goals, so take notes, set the intention and cheer each other on!
  • 2-Join a Group
    New in town? Friends have different fitness interests than you? Don’t let this hold you back from joining a workout group. Classes are a great way to meet new like-minded peeps and forming friendships can happen easier than you think. Many group classes now offer a cross-fit style of training, throwing medicine balls, side plank reach under to high-fives or sit up with medicine ball throws might seem awkward at first, but you will slowly develop subtle bonding experiences as you both make progress and build strength.
  • 3-Partners in Life
    If you’re hooked up with a honey then not only are you spending loads of time together but you also obviously care about their health too. My partner and I joined a rec league sports club and regularly sweat it out together. Cheering from the sidelines or passing the puck/ball/Frisbee is part of our weekly date night ritual.While you ponder your fitness goals and friend lists check out the first Margot vs Lily episode- Nike’s new web series on two sisters with very different (but similar) goals.

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