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Stretching it out with Eva

I haven’t been running lately.
And while sometimes it’s life that gets in the way-deadlines, sick kids, random snowpocalypse…nope, this time I’ve been derailed by something even worse. Lower back pain. We all have nagging injuries, and this one is my achilles heel.

I’ve been sidelined with this one before- I know the drill, wait, ice, rinse, repeat…but with my fave running season (and a few choice races) approaching, I NEED to get back on the road again. Venting some of these frustrations helps, so I commiserated with Eva Redpath, my Nike Master Trainer of the past year and a half. She’s seen it all, and experienced her fair share first hand too. “Roadblocks, you have to choose if they completely derail you…or if they de-root you, whatever sets you off you can find your way back from, to get back to your journey.”

I <3 my Pacer!


My journey is bumpy and full of pot holes. It’s a Toronto thing…or maybe my journey is just like yours. While my back is finally starting to un-knot, I’m eager to run again soon. I recently hit one heck of a milestone, I logged my 1000KM on the Nike+ app and like Eva reminds me, I should look at it like an opportunity. “Life has hit the pause button for you. Use it as an opportunity to switch gears acknowledge that it’s a good thing. It’s called life.”

Sometimes it may feel like you're running in circles...

Sometimes it may feel like you’re running in circles…

So right now, I’m dusting myself off, reminding myself of the 1000KM club accomplishment and am engaged in creating new milestones, and while it may feel like I’m running in circles, I know I’ll be pulling myself out of this downward spiral soon enough.

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