Recovering with Walter

By March 18, 2015Blog, Top Shelf
Spicy Caesar

There’s usually one or two days a year where you wake up, roll out of bed only to quickly regret it. Usually piggy backing on some sort of holiday (or birthday perhaps) the morning after is certainly nothing to celebrate. Most of us have a tradition to cure what ails them, flat gingerale like your mom used to give you, a shot of apple cider vinegar was the prescription back from my bar-tending days, and most people agree that a greasy plate of bacon/eggs/burgers or poutine will set you right.

The Walters

The Walters

My hangover cure is vitamin rich, full of nutrients and well, a jigger of vodka. Enter Walter, a premium blend of tomato juice, spices, horseradish and clam juice, hand crafted in small batches and filled with the right blend of sugar, salt and spice to get your head screwed back on straight.

With all that good stuff, it’s just as important to note what it is missing- namely high-fructose-corn syrup, MSG, or artificial colours or flavours. Clearly, Walter has his stuff together. So at least that makes one of us!!

While Walter does come either well spiced or mild, I always add a salt rim, which of course, my body requires to make a full recovery after losing so many fluids the night before. A squeeze of lemon gives me a jolt of vitamin C, another vitamin flushed down the toilet (sorry to get so literal there). The celery stalk is mostly a giant stir stick, but could suitably turn into a snack I suppose.

To celebrate this classic Canadian cocktail, the illustrious Fairmont Royal York created a custom blend with hints of cumin and chipotle. Only available at the hotel, this iteration of Walter, dubbed ‘The Royal Caesar’ won’t necessarily earn you a seat at the throne, but might keep you off a different one for long enough to keep the room from spinning.

Walter is ready, willing and able, and available, at your better grocery stores.