On the Road Again- STWM

By August 21, 2015Blog, Fitness
libby roach

Fall is the perfect season for running. Cooler temps mean longer runs suddenly become less of a chore and the burst of colours courtesy of the fall foliage give runners an added dose of inspiration. With fall swiftly approaching (and a deadline looming for my seasonal article with BlogTO) two things have become apparent- 1) It’s time to sign up for the next race and 2) Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is one I don’t want to miss.

After conquering the decent distance at my most recent half marathon, mentally, I know I can run the miles. But goals for me go beyond mere gettin’ er done. This time, my focus is on the clock as I once again chase a PB with a time of sub 2 hours. Yes, ambitious, but doable. Especially with the training program being practically spoon fed to me by the gracious coaches at the Nike Run Club.

Nike has a slew of programs to get you on the right track, all you have to do is sign up! I spoke with coach Rejean Chiasson this week before a zippy 8km run to go over my training plan to make this half marathon my best (and fastest) yet.
My issue lies in the first 10km. I get all amped up and completely gas myself leaving not much for the final few km’s. After talking about negative splits, pacing and my adding a healthy dose of self control, I am ready to get back to training and feel well prepared for the race!
Nike has a beauty program through their website, and a kind pacer encouraged me to add it right to my phone so all the training info was right there when I need it. It’s the same program for the upcoming Nike San Francisco, which happens to be the exact same weekend as STWM. Boom!

Hope to see you at the finish line!