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Sodastream Source
We all know the drill. Drinking lots of h20 has health (and beauty!) benefits like nothing else. And while the advice is well known, it’s not always well followed. Tap water is your best bet for affordability and practicality, but bo-ring. Adding a carbonated kick makes your water custom, adjusting not only the flavours you add, but also the level of bubbles you like too.
Sodastream Source

Sodastream Source

Sodastream makes it easy to add some sparkle to your water.  Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky ups the ante and pumps her water up with more vitamins and nutrients with not just the regular lemon/lime combo but mint, basil and cucumber slices.  I’m currently obsessed with tossing not only some of my fave fruits in the mix, but fresh herbs too. Mixing pomegranate seeds +thyme gives water a woodsy feel, while blood orange + rosemary has a sweet kick.

Sodastream Source

Sodastream Source

The possibilities are absolutely endless! And I love working different flavours and ingredients in, fruity punches for a hot summer day, or cucumber and rosemary for harvest season. Quite often, I just save a bit of whatever fresh produce I have laying around and give it a try. Your palate will never steer you wrong.

Sodastream Source

Sodastream Source

Pom + Thyme

1 tbsp of pomegranate

Spring of thyme

Tsp of honey (optional)

Favourite high ball glass

Add ice to glass. Add honey, thyme and pomegranate seeds. Pour soda over top.

Blood Orange + Rosemary

1 blood orange, cut in half

Sprig of rosemary

Tsp of maple syrup (optional)
Tall rocks glass with ice

Add ice to glass. Add maple syrup (if using), rosemary and blood orange. Top with soda. Add juice from remaining blood orange for extra vitamin C.

But my absolute fave thing about this marvel? As a self-professed boycotter of bottled water, I can mix up mason jars of fizzy fun to transport on the go- completely ditching the need for bottled water. Amazingly, if you rely on this method exclusively, you’ll end up sparing the planet over 1400 disposable bottles a year! Not only does it taste better, but it’s better for literally, the whole world. Whoa.

What are your favourite flavour combos? Let me know in the comments below! 

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