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Good & Simple

Self care can take on many forms. I for one yearn for that childhood food memory, the aroma of freshly baked goods wafting out of the kitchen, warm batches of muffins cooling, and well, to be honest, me not lifting a finger- I miss those days!! I do my fair share of baking, but the inevitable time crunch of shopping, baking and cleaning up sometimes nix my spontaneous streaks of culinary greatness.

good & simple

Good food on the go!

But baked goods don’t just magically appear. I tried.
The baked goods fairy just doesn’t materialize, no matter how much I protest. So in my latest journey of food explorations, and me bucking turning the oven on in the summer, I’ve discovered the muffin my childhood dreams are made of, with Good & Simple.
Good and Simple Chocolate Chip Muffin

Good and Simple Chocolate Chip Muffin

Just like ma used to make, wholesome, and made with real identifiable ingredients, their delectable offerings of granola bars and muffins indulge my sweet tooth without being too saccharine, using natural flavours in their lineup like my fave Walnut + Grains with real maple syrup.

Simply perfect!

After a long morning of making breakfast and lunches for the fam, it’s nice to have a break, a back up plan of portability, so when I hit my day running I know I can actually eat something good too! Check out Good & Simple’s lineup of muffins and bars at your local Metro or Freshco!

Thanks to Good & Simple for sponsoring this post! As with any content, my opinions are deliciously all my own.

XO Libs

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