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Push n Pull

GET OUT HEREInspiration comes in many forms. As an amateur runner and fitness enthusiast I assumed, being of a doughy and ripe age of 35 that my good years are gone, achieving personal bests and going the distance were all trips down memory lane for me. Boy was I wrong! Life changed a year ago after being invited to join the NTC team down at Academy of Lions. Our fearless trainer Eva Redpath has transformed me, both mentally and physically, I’m a better (badder) faster and stronger version of my former self.

Doubling down, I was invited to #TRAINTUESDAY with the crew, a blend of fellow NTC-peeps as well as some fellow runners from the loft. Being surrounded by a svelte group of fitness enthusiasts is exactly the inspiration I need to get through another brutal cold weather winter here in Canada-land. I struggle with dipping temps and lack motivation for hitting up the dreadmill, but with the right frame of mind, and the right gear, winter could very well become my favourite running season.


HIT Workout

Inge Boerma, our Nike running coach LOVES winter running, “Winter running makes for spring champions”, and I couldn’t agree with her more. Coming into spring running season ready with race legs means that PB’s are attainable at the start of the season, kicking off a cascade of triumphs, or so I’m hoping!! Coming off my biggest race year yet, I’m lapping up her advice and plan on running consistently throughout this season. Last week, after a swift (and hilly) 3K run in High Park I was amped up- I’m usually a total fraidy cat when it comes to nighttime running, but the new Nike LunarGlides 7 Flash not only are some of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever run in, but also light up like Christmas tree with every passing headlight. Safety and style!

Get Out Here Crew

Get Out Here Crew

Stay tuned for more coverage of our 6 week challenge as we continue to brave the elements and embrace the fresh air! Who knows where we’ll go next?

All photos by Streets of Toronto. Thanks for the sweet captures guys!

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