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TomTom Spark

Being an avid runner means that I have stock piled my fair share of running gadgets and gear. Armbands, earbuds, aps, you name it and I’ve accumulated it. While most of these gizmos offer something unique, most of the time the fad ends and I’m back to square one. I bucked the Fitbit faze after doing some research- wearable tech is exploding right now and I wanted to wait until a magical object was created, something that offered more, something that was going to be my all in one. And with the launch of the TomTom Spark, my tech fairy dreams came true.

The TomTom Spark is ambitious. Not only does the GPS guru (based out of Amsterdam) bring it’s wealth of location based services built into the watch, they spoke to everyday athletes to hone in on what bells and whistles the average fitness fan is looking for. Not so shockingly, we’re tired of lugging our phones around. We’re sick of wires for our headphones. We want a training plan, a partner, a resource all built into one. And most importantly, we want music. TomTom took it all in, and like an over exuberant child at Christmas time, we mailed our letter to Santa, and he delivered.

TomTom Spark

TomTom Spark

The TomTom Spark is like a Fitbit on steroids. Yes, it tracks your steps, your sleep, your runs. But it also comes jacked with a built in heart monitor (nope, no extra cords or accessories, it’s right in the back of the watch) and 3GB for loading your fave workout tunes. Music is an important part of working out, for me, I don’t run without some bumpin’ beats, and now with Bluetooth enabled headphones and my watch, I’m hands-free clocking my km’s. Music is uploaded easily enough, use either your iTunes or your Windows Media Player to create a playlist and import it using the TomTom software. Manage all your date and keep up to sync on your workouts with their dashboard. Every bit of information is available, from how many Z’s your clocking, to how many laps in the pool you’ve mustered (yes the Spark is waterproof to boot). A quick nudge to the right brings up your activity menu, shuffle up and down through the menu and one more nudge selects it. Freestyle is ideal for at the gym workouts (think fitness classes or squat contests) but it also keeps tabs on whatever it is you’re doing- extreme frisbee? Sure. Hot yoga, no problem. I’m keen on using it this winter for skiing and skating, keeping tabs on hard to track workouts that would either wise be lost in the shuffle.



Personalize your TomTom with a rainbow of colours to choose from- the purple is particularly fetching!
The TomTom Spark comes in a variety of models, here I review the Spark Cardio+Music model which retails for $299. Pre-order yours today, the official release date is November 22nd.

Disclaimer- Yes, I scored a free TomTom Spark to try out, but like everything else I write about, views are my own and I 100% love this watch!

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