Ford on the farm

By October 18, 2017Blog, Events, Food

It’s not every day you get behind the wheel of a pickup. Unless you drive one of course! While my current vehicle is anything but compact, a pickup truck still feels like driving a Mack truck in the city. All that changed after actually driving one of course. While my visions of a Canyonero were quickly dispelled, the truck feeling had me wavering. Could *I* actually drive this mini bus downtown? To a farm up in Bradford? Answer: you betcha.
Cars, never mind trucks, have come a long way. On a recent press trip with the folks at Ford Canada we were tasked with driving one of their brand spanking new F-150’s up to Bradford, home of my mother-in-law, and more famously, Gwilly the Carrot, the official mascot of Bradford, Ontario. I have quite literally blasted by these farmlands to visit the MIL countless times, so I was giddy to finally put the brakes on and clomp around in the valley of carrots at the Gro-Pak farm. Gro-Pak is a family run farm that has been using the F-150’s for decades, carrying payloads of produce back and forth from their acres of land, growing beets, onions and of course, carrots.Now while the relationship between farmers and trucks hadn’t been completely lost on this city girl, I mean, duh, pickups are the natural choice for anyone who has towing and payload concerns, but I also found that this country truck navigates city roads with ease. And using the backup camera and auto-assisted tow camera thingy- or pro trailer backup assist in nerd talk, meant that I could navigate treacherous trails all on my own. No dude standing outside the window man-splaining on the ins and outs of reversing- I could be a show off and do it myself. Just because it was easy doesn’t mean that I didn’t work up an appetite. Ford took care of that, treating us all to a gourmet meal, with our new farmer friends, right in the middle of their onion farm!
Lunch was not only tasty (hello Daniel et Daniel) but also wove in Ford’s eco-initiatives. Ford created a menu that featured delectable farm fresh ingredients, but also car ingredients too. I was downright shocked to learn that they had been making various car parts for years out of soybeans, rice hulls, coconuts and cellulose. Imagine that! I was even more surprised to learn that it’s been part of the company’s ethos since Henry Ford tinkered with it back in the 40’s. Renewable and sustainability are taking the forefront everywhere else, so it’s nice to see a car company keep up. It was an absolutely perfect end to a uncharacteristically warm October day. And then we went and picked apples. I mean c’mon! 45 minutes later, we were pulling up to the King Street address, dropping off the stallion with massaging seats. The truck handled so smooth, wifi enabled, B&O stereo, well, let’s just say the TTC ride home didn’t quite cut it.

Thanks to Ford for the fun farm day!