Father’s Day- The Gift of Meat Sweats

By June 16, 2016Blog, Food
Lamb Burger

Father’s Day
Father’s Day celebrations come in all shapes and forms, but the best are patty shaped and fit neatly into a soft brioche style bun. Or at least at my house anyway. My guy is a great father and hubby and while he does a good portion of the BBQ-ing at our house, I’m a pretty good tong wizard in my own right. This year I wanted to go beyond basic beef and thus, the creation of my new fave summer burger, the lamb burger.
Lamb is a great burger builder, it’s got a great mix of fat and protein and the slight richness of the meat lends itself well to deluxe toppings. And let’s face it, burgers are awesome! Make the patties ahead of time and you’ll have an effortless meal fit for a king. Or in our case, a king, a queen, two princesses and a begging bulldog.

1.5lbs of Ground Lamb
1 tsp of Fennel Seed
2 Crushed and Diced Garlic Cloves
1 tsp of Kosher Salt
1 tsp of Ground Pepper
1 Egg
1/3 cup of Panko
Crush the fennel seed with a mortar and pestle. Assemble ingredients in a bowl and mix well, but not too well. The more you man handle the tougher the burgers can get. Form into hefty palm size balls and lay on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Press the balls with your hand to form into patties. Try and keep all your patties the same size for optimal and even grilling. BBQ on medium-high heat and flip after approx 4 minutes, cooking on the other side for another 4 minutes. Now you’re ready for cheese. I used Rosemary Manchego cheese and regret nothing. Brie, feta, white cheddar or havarti would all do the trick. Remove from grill and set aside.
1/2 cup of Mayo
1/2 cup of Sour Cream
1 tbsp of Paprika
1 tbsp of Garlic Powder
1 tsp of Chili Flakes
Mix ingredients in a bowl, place in fridge until go-time!

I topped these burgers with roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy onions, lettuce and of course, aioli and cheese. The buns are Ace Bakery, because they’re pretty much the best.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there!