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Nike Free Cross Compete

Nike Scotiabank Waterfront Training TorontoWith a scant ten days to go until the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, training is now tapering off, and adjusting to easier and shorter runs has become a priority. Doing too much just prior to the big day can leave you sidelined with a last minute injury, and after a successful summer of running, this race is like the cherry on top of a post race sundae.

My training thus far has been a blend of speed runs, distance runs and a mix of NTC classes with Eva Redpath, as well as the odd hot yoga to work out any kinks that have been flaring up. Dedicating about 4 days a week to training and fitness isn’t for everyone, but I’ve been lucky enough to be able to blend this almost seamlessly throughout my day, meeting up at Academy of Lions every Thursday morning to sweat it out with my like minded runners and cheer each other on. I’m very thankful to have been invited to workout with these amazing women and have Eva Redpath and my awesome pacers from the NRC to thank- this year, my 35th, I’ve posted my fastest 5K, 10K, mile and hopefully, half marathon.

Nike Therma-Sphere Max Women's Vest

Nike Therma-Sphere Max Women’s Vest

Key modifications to my training schedule include being able to adjust when I run, no longer a slave to the sun, I can dust off my km’s in comfort, which is why I love the versatility of the Therma-Sphere Vest from Nike. Made with a three-layer composite material means that I’m just perfectly comfortable for fall temps, and free to run midday, or even at night with it’s toasty interior. Safety wise, this vest has you covered too- it’s coated with a reflective material making me visible for night time jaunts.

Cool Down Party of Two

Cool Down Party of Two

Stay tuned for more post race points from STWM! Hope to see you at the finish line!
Special thanks to Toro Streets for shooting me and my Dougie!

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