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Checking in for the Lunar Launch

Lunar EpicYellow is such a happy colour. Sunny days, minions, bananas, butter. Pretty much all the good stuff is washed in this chipper colour, and last week I got to demo the new Nike Lunar Epic running shoes in sunny style. 18 months went into the tech behind this shoe- no glue holds this shoe together, the fly knit material buddies up to your ankle, and it’s somehow grippy like snow tires but light as a feather.

Lunar Epic

Lunar Epic

I love the product trials Nike throws together, and this event was ah-mazing. Pro athlete Paula Findlay was tearing up the streets with us, as we tackled the slippery and slushy streets of Toronto in the new kicks. Meant to mimic the feeling of running on pine needles, Nike was ambitious in creating this- it’s truly a game changing shoe. While we netted just over 6.5kms with the crew, I’m excited to try this shoes on a long run, the sole seems like it can handle the distance, soft yet supportive.

Running thru the 6

Running thru the 6- Photo by Jess Baumung

Another reason for the epic-ness of the evening is my own personal victory, I logged my 1,000th km that night- something that has been a long time coming! I’m relatively new to the running club, I’ve been faithfully logging my solo miles using the Nike+ app for years but it’s been the last year that’s made the most difference. I now run longer, faster and more often simply because if I don’t, I get shame filled texts from my running buddies- something that inspires me to do better, and also gets me motivated! Book your spot here! It’s totally free and totally fun. I pinkie promise!

Nike Run Club- Lunar Epic Launch

Photo by Jess Baumbung

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