Christmas Cocktails

By December 21, 2015Blog, Top Shelf
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Christmas CocktailsAlmost as important as the food itself, drinks are a requirement to any holiday hangout. Ideally you want to serve your guests something festive, something tasty, and for you host(ess) with the most(est) something that’s easy to make and serve. While egg nog most certainly fills that category, there’s no need to start chugging raw egg a la Rocky. Instead, inject some personality with drinks that are colourful and seasonal, and let the good (tidings) roll.
Adopting a deep beer fridge is one easy way to offer a few options, each beer can be paired throughout the meal for a guided tour, or keep to just a few and enhance the experience with fun glassware. Fun tip- by pouring beer into a glass you automatically reduce the amount of gas you’re intaking, and therefore, less burping (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing). Have fresh orange slices on hand for the Shocktop or even consider offering gingerales for shandys or lime coridal for a zesty citrus kick.

I adore making pitchers of cocktails- it’s fun, festive and FAST. Toss one of these together 15 minutes before your guests arrive- and make sure to pinch the first one- quality control! Here I quadrupled the original recipe that Absolut kindly shared. Because, woot! pitchers.
Absolut Pineapple Pop
8 oz Absolut Vodka
7.5 oz of Pineapple Juice
4 oz Lemon Juice
4 oz Simple Syrup
Sage Leaves
Pour over ice and stir, then pour into desired vessel (bonus points for a goldfish bowl). Sprinkle with fresh sage leaves.


Absolut Electrik

The very first setup I do as far as drinks go is always a water station. It’s easy to overlook but really important part of good entertaining, and guests will always drink more h20 if it’s handy and in front of them. I stock mine with vibrant pomegranate seeds and fresh cut citrus for punchy non-alcoholic beverages.

San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino

No matter what you’re drinking, stay safe this holiday season!

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