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By June 30, 2017Blog, Top Shelf
Muskoka Brewery

This weekend marks a juggernaut of a birthday, no not mine, but Canada’s! This magical land of eh, maple syrup, Letterkenny and hockey is turning a ripe 150. I remember as a kid celebrating Canada’s 125th, complete with kitschy marketing and a full fledged school sing-a-long.
Well, this year, not only is Canada a bit older, but so am I. The celebrations will be bigger, and thus, require something a little more high octane than the root beers of my youth! With Canada day celebrations afoot, here’s a few patriotic pops to toast the best country on the planet.


Low-sugar and super tasty!

As someone who prefers to eat their calories than drink them, I’ve been pretty obsessed with SoCIAL LITE Vodka Coolers since they came out. Made in Ontario, this all-Canadian company features two flavours of their sublime coolers, both ringing in at 80 calories even. Since they’re not super sugary, they don’t fill you up or leave a gross coating in your mouth either. Nothing worse than having to brush teeth in between drinks- I’m looking at you Wildberry Coolers from my youth! The Pineapple Mango flavour is new for summer, a fruity blend that still somehow leaves the sugar aside. I’m hooked!
Social Lite

Skinny cans for skinny jeans!

Beers are also very high on the drinking agenda. Nothing beats a cold beer, it’s the most thirst quenching drink on the planet. I’m digging the summer line up from Muskoka Brewery. Known for their amazing hoppy Detour IPA and Cream Ale, the brewery also makes some fun and flightly beers perfect for when you want something a little different.
Muskoka Brewery

The Summer Line Up!

The Summerweiss is seasonal and small batch, so if see this at your local beer store, snap it up. With a nice citrus finish that tastes like sunshine, this white beer is a perfect beer for sitting on the dock and pairs brilliant with BBQ. Kirby’s Kolsch has a nice peachy note to to it, and while definitely not a light beer, it is a nice flavourful beer that is not be missed.

Canada is the land of pure, clean water, so drinking Canadian is a natural connection- and a perfect way to say Happy Birthday! Whatever you do this long weekend, don’t drink and drive, or boat!

XO, Libs

Special thanks to SoCIAL LITE & Muskoka Breweries for the free samples! I wasn’t paid for this post- these delicious suggestions are all my own!

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