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My Nikes!

Howdy friends. Libby here.

As you already know, I eat a lot. I write about food. I shoot food. I cook food for my family. But just as calories go in, calories need to be burned off too. I’ve been running since I was 9 years old completing my first 5K run (the Boston to Bradford, ahem) in just under 30 minutes. I have always loved running. From track and field meets in grade 4 up until now, I have always considered it my own personal therapy. I crank tunes, try and make funny shapes on my Nike running app maps (so far mostly male body parts) and generally just enjoy me time + resulting endorphin boost.

On a whim, (thanks for the peer pressure K) I entered the Goodlife half marathon last year with just under a month to train. My furthest run up until that point was 10K. I panicked, worried I was actually going to crap myself or worse, not finish. My race time was 2:02. I was happy to finish it and looked forward to getting back into my jam, a quick 5K was my favourite distance. As team captain for my Terry Fox team for 5 years going now, I have watched my little team grow from 4 of us to over 10 and raised more money this past year than ever, which gives me more pride than any other accomplishment.

My next race was just plain old fun, the Oasis Zoo Run. I signed up for another quick 5K (finishing in an decent 27 mins) but more importantly signed my 8 year old up for her first 1K cub run. She was nervous in the corals, bumping into the other kids, but when the gun went off, POOF, she was gone, finishing in 10th out of 500! She’s HOOKED now too, already stoked to sign up for the next race.

This year, I’m training again, (thanks again K!) for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon. Which brings me to this blog post. I usually write about food, travel and more food, but with the race now only 150 days out, it’s time to train. I run year round but in winter struggle between slush or dreadmill, so my km’s definitely dip. I’m now outfitted with some fine ass winter gear courtesy of Nike, and have been working out with the fabulous Eva Redpath at the Academy of Lions Nike Training Classes each week.

2015 I’ll be a bit older. I’ll be a lot bolder. And, I’m hoping, a lot faster.

My Nikes!

My Nikes!

I’ve always kept my legs strong by lunges, squats and the usual suspects, but now am working for a stronger core. Eva’s suggestion? Master the plank for 5! whole minutes before the half. Yowza! Stay tuned for more fitness heavy posts as I wade my way into (hopefully) cracking under 2 hours for the next half.

Which run are you most excited for this year?